Technology development department, specializing in the design and management of the reducer products. Existing technical design staff of 18 people, including three senior engineers, 6 engineers, assistant engineers 10, and all have a college education, which part of the technical staff have been...

        Group Qianding: Northeast regional specialization, mainly Machinery Manufacturing Industry Group Company, Foundation was founded in June 1994.

        Core enterprise: Sino-US joint venture Shenyang Metallurgical weight reducer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a provincial high-tech enterprises, Liaoning professional design, manufacturing and sales of heavy-duty reducer personality differences. To manage the information technology (3D CAD drawings, CAE finite element analysis, CAPP process design, ERP resource management) to drive the development of industrialization. Covers an area of ​​120,000 square meters and a building area of 55,000 square meters, with total assets of 398 million yuan. Has a staff of 489 people, including 89 of the 12 senior undergraduate college education. West heavy industrial corridor located in Shenyang, the hub of the offshore economic zone hinterland. Bear the important task of the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing base in Shenyang.

        Main products: soft reducer which machine 426 series, more than 23,800 specifications, models, while R & D and manufacturing a variety of planetary gear reducer, worm reducer, three-ring, star wheel reducer, speed grinding coal machine reducer (manufacturing range: stand-alone weight from 0.8Kg to 120T) cycloid, couplings, expansion sets, locking plate, and the development, design, manufacture heavy-duty non-standard reducer and large complete sets of equipment of the mechanical drive and other products.

        Production equipment: a total of 228 sets. Major equipment large gantry milling bed, 6.3-meter vertical lathe, wire cutting, 1250 (3150,2000) hobbing machine, CNC (significant) 200,130,110 boring machine, Germany NILES1600, 1250,630, HOFLER500 CNC Form Grinding machine, universal gear tester.

        Market performance: the large and medium-sized enterprises of the major design institutes, national key projects, electric power, metallurgy, hydraulic, chemical, cement, machinery, mining, environmental protection and other long-term selection, and exported to the United States, Japan, Brazil, India, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand , Korea, Vietnam and other countries.

        Chairman Xu Xiaobing to portability all Qianding of people willing to work with new and old friends at home and abroad to plan the plans, Ding together, shared interests and harmonious development!
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